SmaRTK GNSS L1+L2 Base and Rover Set, Internal 2W UHF on Rover and External 35W UHF on Base. 8" Display Rugged Tablet Controller with Win10 and GPS Surveyor


Set of SmaRTK GNSS L1+L2 Base and Rover Integrated Receivers, for CORS Network, Autocaster Cellular and UHF High Power Datalinks, Harxon 35W UHF Radiomodem with 1m UHF Omni antenna, Internal 2W UHF in the Rover, with Graphical OLED Display, Bluetooth, SIM Card port, GSM/GPRS/3G modem, 3G antenna, Integrated IMU, SD Card slot, I/O port,, 4 element GNSS Surveying Antenna, Internal charger and 6400mAh batteries, USB Data and Power cables, 12VDC Power supply, Valkir 8-inch Windows 10 Controller with North GPS Surveyor, 1 month of Technical Support, 1 Year of Warranty and Lifetime firmware upgrades.

Designed and made in Spain, by North Group, Barcelona. 

We ship Globally.