Set of UHF Rx/Tx at 2W, with TTL interfase, and all the accessories and software needed for operation, 1 month of Technical Support and 1 Year of Warranty.

The set includes:

1 Unit of UHF Rx/Tx Radiomodem at 2W with TTL Interfase.

1 unit of MCX to TNC pigtail for UHF.

1 unit of MCX to TNC pigtail for UHF.

1 unit of 6 pin pigtail.

1 unit of 460MHz Rx Antenna for UHF.


The UHF Radiomodem is used for datalink as Base Tx or Rover Rx with the RTKite GNSS Receiver.

Full details can be seen here: UHF Radiomodem Integation guide.

Receiver information

All the information regarding the RTKite, including its Datasheet, are available on the manufacturer website: North Surveying.

The operation and integration guides are available under the User Guide menú.

Designed and made in Spain, by North Group, Barcelona. 

We ship Globally.

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