Set of SmaRTK GNSS L1+L2 Base and Rover Receivers CORS Network and 35W UHF, with Bluetooth, SIM Card port, GSM/GPRS/3G modem, Pacific Crest UHF Rx/Tx at 35W with 1m UHF Omni antenna, Internal 2W UHF Radiomodem in the Rover, 3G antenna, Integrated IMU, SD Card slot, I/O port, Graphical OLED Display, 4 element GNSS Surveying Antenna, Internal charger and batteries, USB Data and Power cables, 12VDC Power supply, Valkir Windows 10 Controller with Carlson SurvPC GNSS, 1 month of Technical Support, 1 Year of Warranty and Lifetime firmware upgrades.

The set includes:

1 Unit SmaRTK GNSS Integrated RTK receiver L1+L2 (Base)

1 Unit SmaRTK GNSS Integrated RTK receiver L1+L2 with internal 2W UHF

1 Valkir Controller with Windows 10 PC OS

1 Carlson SurvPC GNSS License

1 unit of Lemo to USB Data - Power "Y" cable.

1 unit of Lemo to Power cable.

2 units of 12VDC 2Amp Power supply.

1 unit Pacific Crest PDL UHF Radiomodem 35W.

1 unit of 1m Omni Transmission UHF antenna tuned @ 460 +/- 4 MHz.

2 units of 10cm aluminum minipole.

1 unit of Disk adapters (for Surveying Tripod)

1 unit of Tribrach with Optical Plummet

1 unit of Rotating adapter for Tribrach

1 unit of Valkir Controller bracket

1 unit of ABS IP68 Carrying Case

Receiver information

All the information regarding the SmaRTK receiver, including its Datasheet, are available on the manufacturer website: North Surveying.

The operation and integration guides are available under the User Guide menú.

Designed and made in Spain, by North Group, Barcelona. 

We ship Globally.

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